We are a website design company based in Folsom, California where there is a history of researching and developing technology that transforms the world. Powerhouse Images has a clientele base from sea to shining sea. We specialize in web design solutions for small businesses, personal sites, and special occasions. We'll develop for you an Internet presence that gives you an edge over the competition. To accomplish this, our team of experts analyze your company's goals, then provide a solution that's forward thinking and within your budget. We provide free estimates and support, and all our work is guaranteed.


Do you already have a website ? This is not a problem as we can take your exisiting website and remodel it so that it has the new image that you now desire. Its like plugging your old website into a new more powerful source of energy. The new site will shine brighter and your company's image will be made new again. So look no further, for we pride ourselves in having the tenacity to be the "can do" designer.