Our recent portfolio of clients -

  St. Timothy Christian Center St Timothy Christian Center
A new image on the main page is produced six or more times a years depending upon the season and the events. The "About" page has been "flattened" because the content would have flowed down too far. Using multi-deep pages is too cumbersome for less savvy viewers.
            Folsom Weather St Timothy Christian Center They wanted a temporary site which has been published. Their regular site will have a lot of content that requires mutiple pages. Plus, their main page will have a webcam feed and historical data requiring a database. The regular site is coming soon.
        Marian's Auto Repair Marian's Auto Repair An old customer, Marian wanted more than a tune-up, he requested a major overhaul as his business has expanded and changed. This site is listed first on a Google search for Saab repairs in the Sacramento area. This web design feature is called Search Engine Optimization.
        Light Of The Moon Light Of The Moon The customer wanted the content area to have the same background as the oversite site. The font color matches the glow around the stars, thus the dark purple color. It is currently a work in progress until more content is produced by the customer.