Who Is Powerhouse Images ?

   Powerhouse Images is not new to the web development arena. It all started back in 1998 when a marketing manager, a computer consultant, and a software engineer all joined forces to create a company to servce the computing needs of the people of the Sacramento area. As time when on, these three friends split their efforts into three distinct companies. The software engineer concentrated his efforts in web development and graphics which became Powerhouse Images.

Powerhouse Images timeline

What's in a name ?

   At 4 a.m. on July 13, 1895, the Folsom Powerhouse successfully transmitted electrical power to Sacramento over a distance of 22 miles away, a first in America. Historic Folsom Powerhouse. The powerhouse consisted of four 750 kilowatt electrical DC generators, each more than eight feet high, weighing more than 57,000 pounds. They were manufactured by the General Electric Company, and to quote a contemporary account: "these are without a doubt the largest three-phase dynamos yet constructed" (Journal of Electricity, vol 1, No. 3, Sept. 1895). Wikipedia Link

Not the oldest...

We are not the first nor the oldest web and digital visual design company in America, but we imagine ourselves living in the day when new inventions were occurring monthly. With this same tenacity, we are charging ahead to stay abreast of immerging technologies so no matter what kind of device the viewer uses to examine your web site, it works well. As you can see from the timeline to the left, our founder was learning how to program back in 1975. We have a history of anapting to new technologies.